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This jaw dropping brunette cartoon cheerleader babe had made a deal with one of the players on the Dolphins – if they win the Super Bowl, he can fuck her ass in the locker room to celebrate.  This proved some serious motivation for the stud, and somehow defying all odds, he leads the Dolphins to the Super Bowl, and wins the big game to boot.  Ready to make good on her offer, she slips into the locker room and waits for him, wearing just a jersey.  She leans down over a bench, and lifts up the jersey to give him a perfect view of her big round ass and soaking wet pussy.  He spits on her asshole and teases it with the tip  of his prick before plunging it deep inside of her incredibly tight bung.  She squeezes the muscles of her asshole tightly along his shaft, holding onto it firmly.  Not only can this football player barely believe he led the Dolphins to a Super Bowl victory, he can’t believe how incredibly tight she is!  He knows he’s not going to be able to last much longer, and a few thrusts more and he’s ready to burst.  He pulls out and shoots a massive load of thick cum all over her big, beautiful, round booty.

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