Blonde Hottie Gets Fucked and Creampied


It had been a few weeks since she last saw her man, so this boner inducing cartoon blonde babe wanted to do something extra special for him when he got back home.  At first she wasn’t sure what, but then she realized she’s never let her boyfriend cum inside of her – so that was going to be his extra special treat.  She leaves the door unlocked and tells him to come right in when he gets there.  He arrives and swings open the door to be greeted by the sight of her bent over on the couch wearing just a tank top.  His cock is already hard as a rock from the sight of her, so he immediately drops his pants and gets behind her.  He rubs the head of his cock on her pussy lips to give her a quick teasing before he then plunges his prick balls deep inside of her.  She moans with delight as he vigorously thrusts in and out of her soaking wet hole.  “You know… I wanted to do something extra special for you tonight since we’ve been apart for too long.  I’ve decided I want you to cum inside of me.  Fill my wet little pussy up baby.” she tells him with a seductive look on her face.  This request sends him over the edge and he promptly feels his cock begin to pulse as he shoots a massive load of his hot cum deep into her wet cunt.  He pulls out and lets it drip down, running along her legs and onto to the couch.  She’s still so overwhelmed with pleasure that her whole body is still trembling.

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