Cartoon Blonde Fucked by Two Black Cops


This drop dead gorgeous big breasted blonde cartoon babe was a hooker by trade.  The cops were well aware of her, as they had busted her for prostitution numerous times already.  These two dark skinned police officers spot her working the corner again and they quickly book her and bring her back down to the station.  “Please, you guys.  I can’t go to prison.  Please, please let me free.  I’ll do anything.  ANYTHING!” she pleads.  This gives the two an idea.  One of them picks her up from behind and lifts her up, and then moves her panties off to the side.  He thrusts his hard cock deep into her tight asshole, and the other cop slips his cock deep inside of her soaking wet cunt.  She holds onto them by their heads and moans with delight as she looks down at their two enormous black cocks thrusting in and out of her tight holes.

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