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Remember back when you were a teenager? Your horniness truly knew no bounds.  Anytime, anywhere, your genitals were ready and willing for action.  This young couple’s hormones have been surging like crazy, they’re pretty much fucking each other any time an opportunity presents itself.  So naturally, as they were walking around in the woods together, an urge struck both of them and they just had to take care of it then and there.  They quickly check to see if anyone is around, and when they notice they’ve got privacy, she rips her mans pants off and starts to eagerly suck on his cock.  She’s quickly gotten him hard as a rock, and she gets down on her hands and knees.  He squats down behind her and gets his face down between her legs and gives her pussy a good licking to get her nice and lubed up.  He then plunges his rock hard cock balls deep into her soaking wet pussy, a loud moan full of passion escaping her lips as he penetrates her.  He grabs firmly onto her nice round booty as he thrusts in and out of her impossibly tight pussy.  Soon he can’t hold his load in another second, and he feels his cock pulse as he injects a massive load of his hot and sticky cum deep inside of her barely legal cunt.

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