Sexy 3D Blonde Fucked Outdoors


This drop dead gorgeous 3D cartoon blonde babe and her man were out for a stroll in the woods together, holding hands as they go.  They were deeply in love, and frankly, never could keep their hands off of each other.  After walking for a while their urges begin to take over and realizing there’s no one else around for miles, they make the most of the opportunity to get frisky in the great outdoors.  She gets down on her knees and wraps her lips tightly around her man’s hard cock, using her hand in tandem with her mouth as she bounces her head back and forth on his prick.  Once she’s managed to get him nice and hard, she lays down flat on her back, and then brings her knees up against her shoulders.  He effortlessly slides his rock hard cock deep into her soaking wet pussy, holding tightly onto her thighs as he vigorously thrusts his big stiff prick in and out of her tight little hole.  It isn’t long before he’s ready to explode, and right as he feels himself about to cross over the edge he pulls out.  He gives his dick a few more strokes to push him over the edge, and then shoots a thick load of cum all over her stomach and tits.

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