Sexy Cartoon Brunette Double Teamed


This beautiful big eyed brunette cartoon cutie has been craving cock and cum like crazy lately.  She’s been finding when she’s just taking one cock, it’s not enough.  She needs at least two, if she’s going to be fully satisfied.  She meets up with these two muscular hunks and is overwhelmed with anticipation to let the two of them have their way with her.  Clearly they were excited for it as well, because right away they’re all getting naked.  She drops down to her knees and sucks both of their cocks for awhile, and then she stands back up and bends over.  One of the studs enters her from behind, as she continues to give the other guy a blowjob.  Huge waves of pleasure wash over her body as the two cocks slide effortlessly in and out of her two holes.  She pauses moaning for just long enough to tell both the studs that she wants their cum to fill up both of her holes.  This sends the two hunks past the point of no return, and right then she feels the warm surge from both ends as they spray their hot cum deep inside of her.  It’s so much cum that while their cocks are both still in her, her holes spew out a massive amount of the excess jizz.

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