Toon Babe Fucked on the Beach


This boner inducing ethnic brunette cartoon vixen and her man were taking a calming stroll along the beach together when they stopped to take a rest.  She leans in close to him, and starts to playfully kiss him.  Soon she’s wanting more, and playful kissing becomes them frantically making out.  She strips down herself and her man, and then wraps her lips around his cock.  She works her mouth and hand in tandem until she’s got him fully erect, and then she climbs on top of him and takes his cock deep into her wet cunt.  She bounces up and down on his big hard cock, and he grabs onto her ass and guides her up and down his shaft.  He starts to move his thumb closer and closer to her ass, and notices her moans getting louder as he nears her asshole.  He gently teases it for a minute, and then slips his finger in while she continues to ride his prick.  Her moans grown even louder, and her body starts to tremble as she has a massive orgasm, coating his cock with her pussy juices.

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